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Winter Is Coming: Keep Your Home Warm with Window Film

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The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means — fun, friends, family, and of course, freezing temperatures. Before we know it, the crisp fall air will turn into the chilly, winter breeze. As a result, you’ll need your home to function as a safe haven of warmth so you can escape the cold weather and enjoy the holidays! Unfortunately, poorly insulated windows can inhibit that. Luckily, you can keep your home warm with window film.

Windows Are the Weak Link

Many desire a home full of windows to allow for plenty of natural lighting and views of the outdoors. However, in the cool winter months, windows can pose quite a problem when it comes to indoor comfort and energy bills. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy states that heat loss and heat gain through windows is responsible for 25%-30% of home heating and cooling energy use. Poorly insulated windows can lead to:

  • Cold interior temperatures
  • High energy bills
  • An overworked HVAC system

Manmade heat can escape through poorly insulated windows, leading to cool temperatures and discomfort indoors. Not to mention, the loss of heat makes HVAC systems work hard to maintain the desired temperature, and as a result, energy costs can skyrocket. Many may think the only solution to improve window insulation is replacement. However, this is a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Don’t let your heat literally go out the window! While you gather indoors to spend time with family, it’s important to remain comfortable. That’s where window film comes in!

Stay Comfortable with Low-E Window Film

The key to a comfortable and warm home? Low-E window film! Low-E window film improves the insulation of windows to retain manmade heat in the cool, winter months. Not only does this improve the comfort of those within your home, but it can also lower energy bills. Furthermore, Low-E window film can take some of the work off HVAC systems by maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. Low-E window film improves window insulation for lower energy bills and a pleasantly warm home in the winter. However, the benefits of Low-E window film don’t stop once the cold air leaves.

Improved Comfort & Lower Energy Bills, No Matter the Season

In addition to retaining manmade heat in the winter, Low-E window film can also provide heat rejection in the summer! Additionally, it offers impressive glare reduction and protection against harmful UV rays, no matter the season. With Low-E window film, you can enjoy both increased occupant comfort and lower energy bills year-round.

With Low-E Window Film, you’ll enjoy:

  • Heat rejection in the summer
  • Heat retention in the winter
  • Lower energy bills & improved comfort year-round
  • UV protection
  • Glare reduction

This winter, keep your home warm with Low-E Window Film. Its ability to retain manmade heat in the winter and reject the sun’s heat in the summer leads to year-round benefits and comfort. Enjoy the holiday season in the comfort of your home, and invest in Low-E Window Film to help you achieve that desired level of comfort.

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