Solar Control Window Film


Reflective Window Film

Many people want to welcome the sun’s light into their space, but they don’t recognize the harm it can cause: faded furnishings and floorings from UV rays and occupant discomfort from solar heat and glare.

With Reflective Window Film, protect the objects and people within your space from harmful UV rays and reduce irritating glare, all while controlling solar heat. Additionally, it gives windows a mirrored, silver look when viewed from both the outside and inside.

LLumar Gray - V58
LLumar One-Way Mirror - RN07G
LLumar Silver - R20
LLumar Silver - R35
LLumar Silver - R50


Dual-Reflective Window Film

Block up to 99% of UV rays, maintain comfortable temperatures, and experience clear, evening views with Dual-Reflective Window Film. With all the benefits of Reflective Window Film, Dual-Reflective Window Film provides a mirrored exterior with a more subtle interior.

Not only does this provide solar control, but rather than seeing your own reflection, the views of the outside are clear even after dark.

Sunrise Bronze - V33
Vista Celeste - V18
Vista Crystal Elegance - V58
Vista Dayview - V45
Vista Luminance - V28
Vista Mirage - V38
Vista Nuance - V48
Vista Ultima - V14


Deluxe Window Film

Save energy, block up to 99% of UV rays, and maintain comfortable temperatures without changing the look of your space. Deluxe Window Films offer the solar benefits of Reflective Window Films, without the mirrored appearance.

This will allow you to achieve significant solar control without impacting the exterior appearance of your space. The flat, non-reflective film maintains a uniform look across the windows of your residential or commercial space.

LLumar Bronze - DL15B
LLumar Gray - DL05G
LLumar Gray - DL15G
LLumar Green - DL30GN

Neutral Window Film

With Neutral Window Film, you can protect against 99% of UV rays, control the sun’s heat, and eliminate bothersome glare — without even knowing there’s window film on your windows. Neutral Window Films don’t offer a strong color tone and are less reflective than some of our other window film products.

Although you can’t see reflectivity, you will experience cooler temperatures after installation. For a more subtle look that provides extensive benefits — lower energy bills, increased comfort, and protection against UV rays — Neutral Window Film is the solution for you.

LLumar Bronze- N1020B
LLumar Bronze- N1035B
LLumar Neutral - NHE20
LLumar Neutral - NHE35
LLumar Neutral- N1020
LLumar Neutral- N1040
LLumar Neutral- N1050
LLumar Neutral- N1065
Vista Soft Horizons - V33


Exterior Window Film

Exterior Window Film allows for lower energy bills and comfortable indoor temperatures through heat rejection, UV ray protection, and glare reduction. The scratch-resistant coating makes this film the ideal choice for exterior installation as it is equipped to handle outdoor elements and exposure.

Not to mention, Exterior Window Film is also compatible with most types of glass, making it a likely choice for many different building types.

LLumar Silver - RHE20
LLumar Silver - RHE35
LLumar Silver - RHE50


Low-E Window Film

Uncomfortable hot spots in the summer or cool drafts by windows in the winter result in overworking HVAC systems in order to maintain comfortable temperatures. Keep the heat out in the summer and trap heat indoors in the winter with Low-E Window Film.

The combination of insulating properties and sun control properties makes Low-E Window Film beneficial no matter the time of year.

LLumar Silver - E1220
Vista Ambiance- VE35
Vista Radiance- VE50


Ceramic Window Film

Maintain the look of your building’s exterior, while protecting against UV rays and maintaining comfortable temperatures with Ceramic Window Film. Its nano-ceramic technology makes this film metal-free, delivering the lowest reflectivity so that your building’s look remains unchanged.

Additionally, Ceramic Window Film is strong enough to withstand the salty air in coastal areas and results in increased comfort and protection against UV rays, no matter the location of your space.

Vista Ceramic Neutral - C35
Vista Ceramic Neutral - C45
Vista Ceramic Neutral - C55


Harmony Window Film

For enhanced, clear views without a drastic change to the look of your building’s exterior, consider Harmony Window Film.

Low in reflectivity and made with both metals and nano-ceramic technology, Harmony Window Film welcomes natural light into your space and provides clear views, without the harmful side effects from UV rays, irritating glare, and uncomfortable temperatures.


Spectrally-Selective Window Film

In a space where windows bring immense value and beautiful views, Spectrally-Selective Window Film maintains the look of your space and allows visible light inside without the bothersome side effects of the sun such as UV rays, glare, and uncomfortable temperatures.

Using innovative technology, Spectrally-Selective Window Films are made to block more infrared rays than visible light, ensuring that your space is filled with sunlight, but not excessive heat.


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