Sun Control

Improved Temperature Regulation

Windows present temperature regulation challenges year-round. The sun’s rays through windows in the summer can cause bothersome glare and hot spots, and cool drafts that linger near windows in the winter result in discomfort to those in your space. Additionally, it causes HVAC systems to put in overtime, trying to regulate heat in the winter and AC in the summer.

Window film adapts to the changes in the seasons, reflecting the hot sun in the summer and preventing heat from escaping in the winter, resulting in comfortable temperatures all year long.

Window film offers a 30% to 75% reduction in heat build-up, keeping you cool in the summer.

What causes fading?

  • Ultraviolet rays are the single largest part of the fade factor. They account for 40% of fading, whether it is sunny or cloudy outside.

  • Visible light (glare) accounts for another 25% of fading.

  • The heat that you feel on your body accounts for another 25%.

  • Miscellaneous causes, such as fabric colorfastness, humidity, and artificial lighting, are responsible for the remaining 10%.

Enhanced UV Protection

While we welcome natural light into our homes and offices, we are also welcoming the harmful side effects of destructive UV rays. UV rays are one of the leading causes of the fading of flooring, furnishings, and artwork. If UV rays can cause that sort of damage to objects within our space, imagine what they may do to our skin!

Keep yourself and your belongings protected with Sun Control Window Film. Window film helps preserve fabrics, furniture, works of art, wood floors, and rugs by filtering out the harmful UV rays and other characteristics of the sun that contribute to fading.

Sun control film reduces fading from 40% to 75% and can block up to 99% of UV rays.

Minimized Glare

With windows comes sunlight and inevitably, bothersome glare. Whether you’re watching television at home or working at the office, the afternoon sun can cast glare across the TV or computer screen, making it difficult to see. While curtains can mitigate the issue, they also darken up your space, ruining the bright environment created by natural light.

Window film cuts glare by 35% to 75%, improving occupant comfort while allowing natural light into your space.

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