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Casper Cloaking Technology

Casper Cloaking Technology offers the perfect balance of collaboration and confidentiality. This innovative product obscures display screens when viewed from the opposite side of the cloaked glass.

A popular application for Casper is glass conference rooms. Glass conference rooms are a common feature in modern offices, because they allow for an open-space feel and promote a culture of transparency and collaboration.

However, there are times when sensitive information is shown on conference room display screens that should not be viewed by other employees. To someone viewing the display screen from the other side of the treated glass, the screen appears black, keeping confidential financial data, employee evaluations, or other private information hidden.

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Distraction Markers

Do you know the building codes for your city? It is possible that your business may not be up to code. In some cities, it is law for businesses to add distraction markers to their glass. Distraction markers are added to transparent glass to make it more visible, preventing people from accidentally walking into unmarked glass, which can cause harm to the person and damage the glass.

Distraction markers can be added to any glass panel to increase safety as well as enhance branding for your business. Many businesses incorporate their logo into their marker. Distraction markers can also be used to add privacy. No matter how you decide to use the marker, it is an important investment.

New York Window Film offers all types of distraction markers. We can do any shape, size, or color you prefer. Do not wait until disaster happens to make a change. Call us today to prevent any mishaps at your business.

Advantages of Decorative Distraction Safety Markers



The most important advantage of using distraction markers is safety.. Glass walls have become a very popular feature in offices, and the danger of someone walking into the clear glass without realizing there is a barrier in front of them is always there. Decorative distraction markers will limit the cost of repairs while saving employees or guests from potential harm.


The use of clear glass walls to divide your space may look beautiful, but they provide absolutely no privacy. The addition of decorative distraction markers adds a suitable amount of privacy to any area without closing off the space entirely, creating a light and spacious floor plan.


Top companies understand the importance of environmental branding in creating a strong and memorable identity for their business. Using your logo as a decorative distraction marker serves as a clever branding opportunity for your company.

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One-Way Mirror Film

We offer a window film with a unique, one-way mirror effect that adds privacy without blocking the view. This film is used where very low inside and high outside reflectance are needed for one-way mirror effect. It also has the added benefit of providing extreme heat and glare reduction.

One-Way Mirror Film provides significant energy savings by rejecting up to 82% of solar energy, while also shielding over 99% of UV radiation to reduce the fading of valuables, fabrics, and furnishings. The film’s durable, scratch-resistant coating allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

NOTE: One-Way Mirror Film is only effective during the day. It works with the balance of light so once a light is turned on at night, you will be able to see through. If you wanted 100% privacy all day & night you would have to choose a frosted film.

Lesson from our New York City Estimator, Sean

Customer Request – A window that you can see through during the day, but can give you privacy at night, even with the lights on.

“Unfortunately, there is no passive film (by passive I mean one that works by just being there) that is transparent during the day and at the same time blocks the view from the outside at night when you have the light on inside. All glass in windows reflects a certain amount of light; the percentage reflected depends on the specification. Usually, the higher the efficiency of the window, the more light it reflects.

During a very bright day, a passerby would probably not be able to see through a high efficiency window into your home, this is because the amount of light being reflected is greater than the amount of light coming out of your house.

The same principle applies at night when you are inside your home. If you try to look through your window at night in a brightly lit room, you would probably see your own reflection, because the amount of light being reflected is greater than the amount of light coming from the outside.

Furthermore, since a window only reflects a percentage of visible light, the light that is not being reflected is going through the window and into the dark street. This, of course, would enable any passerby to see through your window.

Keep in mind that the Llumar RN-O7G (one – way mirror) Window film is a dark film that blocks out 93% of the light that comes inside.”

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