Increase School Safety with Window Film

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School safety is paramount for students, educators, and administrators alike. In addition to providing a safe learning environment inside their walls, schools must also be vigilant in protecting against potential threats from outside forces. To increase school safety, many schools are turning to security window film as an effective solution for building security. Security window film offers an additional layer of protection, deterring forced entry into buildings while providing improved shatter resistance in the event of accidental breakage or intentional vandalism. Learn how security window film can provide peace of mind and protection so students and faculty members can feel safer everyday.

Security Window Film: How Does it Work?

Security window film can be a great addition to school buildings across the nation. The durable film is made of special layers that bond to the window surface when applied, creating a protective shield for the glass. This security film can not only help to reinforce your windows against break-ins, but also mitigate the safety threat posed by flying shards of glass in the event of a window break. It minimizes potential harm and damage by holding broken glass together in place, thereby preserving the building envelope. 

With security window film, you can rest easy knowing that your windows are reinforced against intrusion attempts, severe weather and natural disasters. Installing security window film is an invaluable security investment that gives students, teachers, faculty members, and parents peace of mind today and well into the future.

Benefits of Security Film for School Safety 

With the threat of violence and break-ins at school becoming an increasingly urgent security issue, security window film is a simple but effective way to increase school safety. Security window film is specially designed to increase the strength of windows and doors by making them more difficult to shatter, providing an extra layer of protection against active shooters or intruders. In addition to presenting a cost-effective security measure, security film can also be applied quickly and efficiently without causing disruption to the learning environment – giving schools greater peace of mind regarding security. 

Security film offers amplified protection in the event of:

  • Break-ins
  • Active shooters
  • Natural disasters
  • Severe weather
  • Bomb blasts

Our Security Film Products

We understand how crucial it is to improve the safety of schools, and at New York Window Film, we carry security window film products that can help school districts do just that. Our security films offer a wide range of functionalities, but all can increase school safety. Additionally, security films are available in a variety of tints, from virtually invisible to darkly tinted, and even reflective. Browse our collection today to find the best solution for your school’s security needs.

Solar Safety & Security Film

Solar Safety and Security Film is an essential tool for schools to protect against natural disasters and break-ins, but also solar heat and UV rays. By combining the benefits of Sun Control Window Film and Safety and Security Window Film, this product gives you the best of both worlds! Not only will these films directly address issues like solar heat gain and premature fading caused by UV exposure, but they will also add an extra level of safety when it comes to potential hazards like burglaries.  If you’re looking for enhanced solar control performance and increased security in schools, solar safety and security film is the best choice.

Clear Safety & Security Film

Clear Safety and Security Film elevates security without drastically altering the visual appeal of glass surfaces, providing invisible protection. It’s made with tough polyester that adheres securely to the window using powerful adhesive, minimizing the likelihood of flying shards should the window shatter or break due to extreme weather or other outside forces. This Clear Safety and Security Film serves as a shield against everything from strong winds to malicious attacks, allowing schools to be well-equipped for any type of situation.

Exterior Safety & Security Film

Exterior Safety and Security Film can provide a convenient and cost-effective way to strengthen the exterior protection of your windows. This type of film not only enhances glass performance but also features a scratch-resistant coating that can stand up to exposure to the elements. In addition to this is the obvious benefit of providing an extra layer of security against human threats, as well as protection from natural disasters, strong winds, hail, and more. Investing in Exterior Safety and Security Film may very well save you a significant amount in the long run – so it’s definitely worth considering for improved safety in schools.

Security window film provides an additional layer of protection against the unexpected. By reinforcing the integrity of window glass, it can drastically increase school safety – and peace of mind too.

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