What Is Safety & Security Window Film and How Does It Work?

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Windows open up your space to outdoor views and natural light, but also the possibility of danger. With one simple strike from an intruder or a flying tree branch in a storm, windows can break, sending glass shattering and putting occupants in danger. Enter Safety and Security Window Film! Security Window Film is an effective and affordable way to strengthen glass windows and doors and protect your home or business from potential intruders, natural disasters, and more. 

How Does Safety & Security Film Work?

Safety and Security Window Film works by creating a virtually impenetrable barrier on the glass, making it difficult for someone to break through. The film is made of multiple layers of polyester bonded together with a strong adhesive. This makes it incredibly durable and, therefore, makes it extremely difficult for an intruder to easily gain access to your space. Not to mention, holding the glass in place should a window be broken minimizes the harm caused by flying shards of glass. These films protect against:

  • Break-ins
  • Natural Disasters
  • Bomb Blasts

With its high level of security and numerous benefits, window film is an ideal solution for any property in need of extra protection. At New York Window Film, we carry various Safety and Security Window Film products.

Different Kinds of Safety & Security Film

Solar Safety & Security Window Film

Receive protection from the sun and against break-ins, bomb blasts, and natural disasters with Solar Safety & Security Window Film! Solar Safety Film is a specialized type of window film that protects from the sun’s harmful UV rays while also protecting against break-ins. It helps reduce fading by rejecting UV rays and can also minimize solar heat gain in homes and buildings. Solar safety film features a multi-layer laminated construction that creates an impenetrable barrier, making it extremely difficult to break through. Enjoy comfortable temperatures, lower energy bills, and UV protection while feeling safer and more secure in your space.

Clear Safety & Security Window Film

Clear Safety & Security Window Film is an ideal way to upgrade existing glass windows for increased safety and protection without changing the exterior appearance of your home or office. Unlike some other window films, it is completely clear and does not obstruct your view. The film uses a unique combination of polyester layers that are bonded together with a special adhesive to make it virtually impenetrable. It provides a virtually invisible layer of protection to your space, elevating security and reducing the likelihood of flying shards of glass. 

Exterior Safety & Security Window Film

Exterior Safety & Security Window Film is designed to provide an extra layer of protection for the windows on the outside of your home or business. In addition to its high level of security, this film has a scratch-resistant coating, giving it the ability to withstand exterior exposure. With Exterior Safety & Security Window Film, you can easily upgrade your windows to ensure optimal protection without compromising aesthetics.

Where to Use Safety & Security Window Film

Safety & Security Window Film can be used in a variety of residential and commercial buildings, from homes to office complexes, schools, and government buildings. The film is an ideal way to increase the level of security for any property, whether it’s located in a high-crime area or simply needs extra protection. The film is especially useful for first-floor windows that are easy targets and vulnerable to break-ins. In addition, it can be used on doors, skylights, and basement windows to provide added safety and protection. The advanced adhesives used in the film make sure it will not come off or peel away easily once applied. Elevate the strength of windows and glass doors, without drastically changing the appearance of your space!

Protect Your Home or Office with Window Film

Overall, Safety & Security Window Film is an effective way to upgrade your building’s security without sacrificing visibility or natural light. It provides an added layer of protection that makes it difficult to penetrate the glass. With its numerous advantages, Safety & Security Window Film is a great choice for ensuring peace of mind when it comes to protecting your property and those within it from unexpected events. Interested in learning more? Contact a team member today!

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