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Window Replacement or Window Film: What Should You Do?

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Poorly insulated windows can wreak havoc on your comfort and your energy bills. In the chill of the winter, manmade heat can escape through poorly insulated windows. On the other hand, in the heat of summer, sunlight can seep into your space through windows, heating up interiors. The result in both scenarios is not only discomfort for occupants, but also increased energy bills! In fact, the Department of Energy states that heat gain and loss through windows account for 25% to 30% of home heating and cooling energy use. As a result, many people turn to window replacement when it comes time to improve insulation. However, many don’t realize that window film is another solution for improving insulation! Homeowners now must choose window replacement or window film.

Everything You Need to Know About Window Replacement

When it comes to improving the insulation of your windows, replacing your windows is an option. One might choose to replace windows if they’re in poor condition. If the window is damaged in any way, window replacement is the best option for your home. Homeowners can select from a variety of energy-efficient windows to improve the insulation of their space.

However, window replacement can be costly. In fact, the national average is $650 per window! This may be doable when replacing one damaged window. However, if your end goal is to improve efficiency throughout your home, this project will be costly. Not to mention, the process of window replacement can be disruptive, especially if you’re replacing all the windows in your home. The expenditure and disruption of window replacement may be unnecessary when there’s an alternative solution to improve window insulation — window film!

Window Film: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Improve Window Insulation

If the windows in your home are in good condition, skip the expenses of window replacement. Invest in window film! Low-E Window Film can improve the insulation of windows, leading to both increased comfort and lower energy bills. Not to mention, this film is beneficial to your space year-round! This film rejects heat in the summer and retains manmade heat in the winter. Enjoy a comfortable home no matter the season.

In addition to improving the insulation of your windows, Low-E window film minimizes bothersome glare! Furthermore, it rejects up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, minimizing fading in artwork, hardwood flooring, and furniture. With Low-E Window Film, you’ll enjoy comfortable temperatures, minimized glare, and increased protection against UV rays!

Additionally, the installation of window film is far less disruptive than that of window replacement. Not to mention, it is more cost-effective when it comes to improving the insulation of your home compared to window replacement. If your end goal is insulation and your windows are in good condition, don’t spend an excessive amount replacing your windows. Invest in Low-E Window Film to improve insulation, protect against UV rays, and minimize glare.

Window Replacement or Window Film: Find the Perfect Solution for Your Home

It’s hard to know what’s worth investing in when there are so many options available today. If your windows are in poor condition, you should consider window replacement. However, if you’d like to improve the insulating abilities of your window consider investing in Low-E Window Film! Talk to one of our window film experts today to learn more about the benefits of window film.

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