Safety & Security

Amplified Break-In Protection

Windows are the most vulnerable point of a building’s structure, whether that be a home or office. They are a passageway for unwanted events such as break-ins. How can you protect your space and the people within it? Safety and Security Window Film acts as a clear layer of protection added to your windows that minimizes the likelihood of flying shards of glass. Deter criminals in the event of a break-in, as glass is held together by the film’s strong adhesive, while also buying you extra time to react. Invest in preparation and protection for your space.

Augmented Shielding from Natural Disasters

Unprotected windows leave you vulnerable to damage from broken glass in the event of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or storms. When a storm rolls through, is your residential or commercial space equipped to protect itself from unexpected damage? With Safety and Security Film, you can rest easy knowing that you have an added layer of protection on your windows, equipping them for any event that may arise. Manufactured with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives and enhanced with ultraviolet inhibitors, it provides a safety factor by forming a tough barrier that minimizes flying glass. Don’t let the weather catch you off guard. With Safety and Security Film, your space will remain prepared, protected, and safe.

Bolstered Strength Against Bomb Blasts

In the event of a bomb blast or terrorist attack, flying shards of glass can amplify the damage. The only way to prepare your space for an unexpected, unwanted event such as this, is to invest in Safety and Security Window Film. Its resistance to puncture paired with its patented, scratch-resistant coating makes it the industry’s toughest and most durable coating for polyester films. Reduce the likelihood of flying shards of glass causing damage and harm to items and people inside. With Safety and Security Window Film, protect vulnerable windows and doors, while leaving the exterior of your space virtually unchanged.
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