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Reduce Glare with Window Film

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Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re watching TV, or it’s the end of a workday and you’re sitting at your computer — glare can cast across your technology screens. When glare from the sun enters your space, it can make technology screens difficult to see, causing both distraction and discomfort. While you could simply close the blinds, it’s not ideal to sacrifice both natural light and outdoor views. Rather than choose between aesthetics and comfort, reduce glare with window film.

Windows Can Create Glaring Problems

In office buildings, restaurants, and homes, windows are an architectural staple. Natural lighting, outdoor views, and a feeling of openness make windows incredibly valuable within a space. However, one of the most notable negative side effects of a window-filled space is the possibility of glare. Particularly in the winter months, glare is a problem. Because the sun sits lower in the sky, it’s easier for the sunlight to directly enter your space. Not to mention, with the lack of leaves on surrounding trees, there’s less opportunity for sunlight to be blocked.

Glare can cause occupant discomfort and impact employees’ productivity in the workplace. However, closing the blinds or curtains isn’t an optimal solution. In fact, sunlight in the workplace is one of the most highly desired attributes of an office environment. Don’t let the sun’s glare wreak havoc on your space. With window film, you can reject glare without sacrificing all the benefits of windows!

Window Film: A Comprehensive Sun Control Solution

With window film, you can let the sunlight into your home or office without sacrificing the comfort and productivity of occupants. Window film can cut glare by 35% to 75%, so you can enjoy a naturally lit space without eye strain and discomfort. Solar Control Window Films are available in a variety of shades and styles to meet your aesthetic and sun control requirements, but all have the ability to reduce the amount of glare from the sun.

Other Benefits of Solar Control Window Film Include:

Temperature Control

In addition to minimizing bothersome glare, window film improves temperature regulation. When the sun enters your space on a warm day, it can create uncomfortable temperatures and hot spots. Window film can reduce heat build-up by 30% to 75%, increasing comfort and lowering energy bills. Not to mention, films like Low E Window Film can also improve window insulation, retaining manmade heat indoors in the winter for comfort and energy savings year-round.

UV Protection

When sunlight enters your space, so do UV rays. UV rays are the leading cause of fading in furniture, flooring, and artwork. Not to mention, they can even harm the skin of occupants inside your space! Window film rejects up to 99% of UV rays, reducing fading between 40% to 75%. Protect both people and property from harmful UV rays with window film.

Explore Our Solar Control Window Film Products

Don’t let bothersome glare impact your comfort and productivity! Reduce glare with window film in your home or office. While window film minimizes glare, you’ll also enjoy its other benefits, such as UV protection and temperature control.

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