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Safety & Security Window Film: Protect & Prepare

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You put a lot into your commercial space: time, effort, money, and more. With this in mind, any damage done to your space hits close to home. Additionally, it can impact your ability to continue business operations. Disastrous events can strike in the blink of an eye, often with no warning. Inclement weather, break ins, and vandalism can cost your space in more ways than one if you aren’t prepared. Luckily, there is a preventative solution available that will protect your space in these situations: safety and security window film.

What is Safety and Security Window Film?

Safety and security window film can be applied to glass windows and doors to act as an extra layer of protection. In the event that glass is struck and broken, security window film holds the glass in place. This prevents flying shards from harming people and further damaging property. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of injury and the cost of damages, but the film’s ability to hold the glass in place can deter criminals from gaining easy entrance into your space.

How Safety and Security Window Film Helps Your Space

Prepare Your Space for Break-Ins

Crime waits for no one, striking at any time. An unprepared space is vulnerable to dangerous situations like break-ins, which can threaten the safety and security of the people and property inside.

The easiest way for criminals to gain entry to your space? Through the windows. A building protected with safety and security window film has a clear advantage. The film’s ability to hold the glass in place should it be broken can deter criminals from breaking through the glass with ease. This buys extra time in the event of an emergency, and may make your property a less appealing target for smash and grab crime. Don’t get caught off guard — with safety and security film, prepare your space for the worst.

Protect Against Inclement Weather

From hurricanes and tornadoes to snow and ice storms, heavy winds, flying debris, and falling trees can cause immense damage to your property. While you may receive warning when inclement weather is approaching, there may not be enough time to prepare your space before the storm arrives. With safety and security window film installed, you can ensure safety measures are in place to protect your space from flying debris that could strike exterior windows and doors.

Reduce Operational Downtime in the Event of Damage

Broken windows can cause downtime for your business. It is likely that a glazier will have to come replace the glass, and in the meantime, operations must halt. However, if your windows are backed by security window film, the glass will be held in place. While you will inevitably have to replace the broken pane, operations don’t necessarily have to completely stop. Don’t let an unfortunate event stop your ability to operate business as usual. With safety and security film, you can help your business get back on track with minimal downtime.

Choosing the Right Film for Your Space

New York Window Film carries a wide variety of safety and security window films to meet the specific needs of your space and budget. For the combined abilities of sun control and security, perhaps you will choose the Solar Safety and Security Window Film for your space. Or, to create a layer of security without sacrificing the look of your windows, choose Clear Safety and Security Film. Lastly, Exterior Safety and Security Film features a scratch-resistant coating that allows it to withstand the exterior elements while also protecting your space. Before investing in a security film for your commercial building, talk to one of our experienced staff members at New York Window Film to discover the best solution for your space.

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