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Prevent Damage with Bird Safety Film

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It’s no secret that most visually appealing buildings, whether commercial or residential, have one feature in common: great windows! In commercial buildings and high-rises, architectural trends tend to highlight glass-covered exteriors for a sleek and modern look. Similarly, when it comes to residential properties, many homeowners seek out homes featuring numerous, large windows for sweeping views and natural light. While large windows are popular in office buildings and homes alike, there is a problem that arises that many don’t initially consider: birds flying into windows!

Windows Are a Hazard to Birds…

It’s no secret that clean, crystal-clear windows can make any space, home or office, look beautiful. However, windows can be difficult for birds to see. They perceive the reflection in the window as an open space, and as a result, may fly directly into the glass! Did you know that window strikes are among the top-three human-related causes of bird deaths? In fact, up to 1 billion birds die each year due to window collisions.

…And Birds Are a Hazard to Windows!

Window collisions are not only harmful to birds, but they can also damage your windows! This can potentially lead to the need for replacement, costing both time and money. Luckily, New York Window Film carries a product that can protect both birds and your windows: Bird Safety Film!

A Completed Project

New York Window Film is proud to have made the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center bird-friendly by installing bird-safe Feather Friendly Bird Collision Deterrent Markers.

Invest in Bird Safety Film

Bird Safety Film is the optimal solution for both homeowners and business owners concerned about bird-window collisions. Bird safety film prevents birds from flying into windows, protecting both the birds and the windows. This thin, translucent window film is applied to existing windows or glass doors and is available in a variety of subtle patterns. These patterns allow birds to more easily recognize the window as a solid surface, and will help protect your windows from potential collision damage. Additionally, because the patterns are designed to be subtle, bird safety film won’t take away from the look of your windows. Achieve the best of both worlds with Bird Safety Film: bird safety and window protection.

Take the first step towards improving bird safety and saving your windows from damage! Learn more about Bird Safety Film from New York Window Film.

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