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National Homeownership Month: Benefits of Home Window Film

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June is National Homeownership Month! Owning a home is something to celebrate, as it’s a significant accomplishment! After all, it’s likely one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a homeowner of 10-plus years, you want to care for your investment. One of the best ways to add value and protect your home is with window film! Learn about the benefits of window film, and consider investing in it to enhance your home.

What Is Window Film?

Window film is applied to existing windows to address issues that windows pose. Available in various product lines, window film can solve numerous problems like uncomfortable interior temperatures, security, and privacy. Our New York Window Film team can help you find the perfect film for your home, depending on your end goal.

Window Film Solutions

Sun Control

Windows are highly valued because they welcome natural light into your space while providing outdoor views. However, windows also allow for hot spots, glare, and fading of furnishings caused by UV rays. Sun Control Window Film addresses these issues while welcoming sunlight into your home.

Boost Energy Efficiency & Comfort

The sun through windows can cause hot spots, leading to occupant discomfort. Not to mention, HVAC systems have to work harder to maintain the desired interior temperature, causing energy bills to rise. Sun Control Window Film can reject heat for increased occupant comfort and lower energy bills.

Minimize Glare

A naturally lit space can also lead to glare casting across TV and computer screens, causing discomfort and eyestrain for occupants. Window film can cut glare by 35% to 75%, depending on the tint level and type of film you select.

Protect Against UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of fading in furniture, flooring, and artwork. Not to mention, UV rays can harm occupants’ skin, even when indoors. Window film can reject up to 99% of UV rays, minimizing fading between 40% to 75%. Add years to the life of furnishings and protect occupants’ skin!

Safety & Security

Windows are the most vulnerable point of your home. One simple strike and a window can break in an instant. A broken window can expose your home to danger, whether due to a home intruder or inclement weather. While you certainly can’t predict these unwanted events, Safety and Security Window Film can prepare your space.

Safety and Security Window Film is designed to stretch rather than tear. The film holds the glass in place should a window ever be broken. This allows for extra time to react in an emergency and reduces the likelihood of harm from flying shards of glass. Safety and Security Window Film can prepare your space for events like:

  • Break-Ins
  • Inclement Weather
  • Natural Disasters
  • Bomb Blasts

Decorative & Privacy

Traditional glass often correlates with a lack of privacy due to its clarity. Decorative and Privacy Window Film is available in various patterns, textures, colors, and opacity levels to allow for customized privacy in your home! Not only can it increase confidentiality, but it can also enhance aesthetics by adding a unique design element. You may opt for a frosted window film if you want complete privacy. Or, if you’d like more subtle privacy, you may select a patterned film. Some places to use Decorative and Privacy Window Film include:

  • Shower Doors
  • Front Doors
  • Cabinets with Glass Inlays
  • Garage Windows
  • & More!

As a homeowner, it’s essential to take the proper steps to care for your home. That’s why you should consider investing in home window film! The benefits of home window film are extensive. Whether you’d like to increase security, elevate privacy, boost energy efficiency, or maybe all of the above, there’s a window film solution for you!

New York Window Film provides high-quality products and window film installations to Metropolitan New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. With window film solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, our products can help you achieve anything from sun control and security to decorative enhancement and privacy. Call us at (631) 420-4101 or (212) 256-1414 for more information, or request a quote online.