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4 Benefits of a Branded Office Space

In Decorative Window Film by Matthew SA

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As companies welcome employees back into the office, decision-makers need to consider the office environment! The focus is shifting to employees’ comfort, happiness, and overall well-being. As a result, factors like company culture have become increasingly crucial to increasing employee retention. Luckily, one way to improve company culture and the office environment is through a branded office space! Check out the benefits of a branded office space and how custom decorative window film can help.

1. Helps Employees Feel Connected

Blank office walls can make going into work a drag. After all, they can appear redundant, lackluster, and uninspirational. However, an office space that colorfully displays its company logo, mission statement, or values across walls and doors can make a workplace feel inspiring! The constant display of a company’s values and brand can help employees feel connected to the company and one another.

2. Drives Purposeful Work

If employees are consistently reminded of your brand, mission, values, or goals, it can help to drive purposeful work. With that said, using custom wall graphics or decorative window films can help employees feel motivated and connected with the company, which can help drive the desire to succeed.

3. Adds to the Client Experience

If clients ever enter your office, seeing a space full of color and your brand can help convey what kind of company you are. In addition, it can help showcase to clients that your company is dedicated to its brand, and so are the employees!

4. Enhances the Look of Office Interior

Not only does branding add to both the employee and client experience, but it can add to the overall look of your office. White walls and blank glass appears drab. With a pop of your brand colors, a touch of pattern, and beautiful text scrawled across walls; you can elevate your office interior.

Brand Your Office with Our Products

At New York Window Film, we offer a variety of products that can contribute to the branding of your space. In addition, our custom imaging and cutting services give you complete control of customization! So whether you want to add branding to glass walls and windows or traditional walls, we can work with you to find the perfect product for your space.

Custom Wall Graphics

Our team creates high-quality vinyl decals that can be used on virtually any flat surface, inside or outside. Custom wall graphics are 100% customizable, from size, color, shape, and application location. This is a cost-effective way to cover walls, windows, and more with your company’s brand.

Decorative Window Film

In addition to custom wall graphics, we offer custom decorative window film! This product can transform traditional glass to feature logos, colors, patterns, and more. Elevate the look of glass conference room walls and windows.

Distraction Markers

Distraction markers are patterns applied to traditional glass walls for increased visibility to reduce the likelihood of collisions. Companies can use distraction markers to improve safety and elevate branding by incorporating their company logo in the design!

The benefits of a branded office space go far beyond simply enhancing interior design. They can help employees and customers feel connected to your brand! You can strengthen office branding through products like custom wall graphics, decorative window film, and distraction markers. Contact our team at New York Window Film to bring your vision to life!

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