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Prepare Your Space with Window Film

In Safety and Security Films by Matthew SA

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September is National Preparedness Month! The purpose of this month is to encourage homeowners and business owners to prepare their spaces for disasters and emergencies. From hurricanes and natural disasters to break-ins, we certainly can’t predict when a disastrous event will occur. However, preparation is crucial and can keep people and property safe in an emergency. Luckily, you can prepare your space with window film.

Windows Open Your Space Up to Harm

Windows allow homes and offices to enjoy sunlight and outdoor views from the inside. However, because of the inherent fragility of windows, they make your space vulnerable. Whether a flying tree branch from a thunderstorm or a burglar smashing a window, glass can easily be broken and create an unsafe space for occupants. Not to mention, flying shards of glass can cause further harm and damage. Safety and Security Window Film adds an extra layer of protection to glass doors and windows, making them stronger and protecting against unwanted events.

Window Film Can Help Prepare Your Space For…

Natural Disasters & Inclement Weather

From a hurricane to a large afternoon storm, weather can certainly impact the safety of your space and those within it. Safety and Security Window Film strengthens window glass to protect occupants and property. This film holds the glass in place should it be struck by debris in a storm, minimizing the likelihood of harm caused by flying shards of glass. With window film, your home or business can be prepared for whatever mother nature throws its way, from hurricane season to a springtime shower.


Glass can be broken with a swift smash, allowing criminals to easily access your space. However, with Safety and Security Window Film, you can deter criminals from gaining access. The use of this film makes it difficult to penetrate glass, as it’s held together by the film’s strong adhesive. As a result, occupants also have more time to react in an emergency.

Bomb Blasts

In the event of a bomb blast, windows will likely break, sending shards of glass flying. This amplifies damage and potentially harms occupants inside. Safety and Security Window Film can prepare your space for unexpected events like bomb blasts. Its patented, scratch-resistant coating and puncture resistance makes the film tough and durable to ensure protection. Reduce the likelihood of flying shards of glass to protect those in your home or office.

Workplace Collisions


The use of glass in the workplace allows employees to enjoy an open-space feel. However, glass conference room walls and doors can be difficult to see. As a result, people may collide with the glass! To prevent workplace collisions, make glass more noticeable with distraction markers! Distraction markers are available in patterns, stripes, and more to ensure employees notice the glass. Some buildings even require this in the building code! Ensure your building is up to code and safe with distraction markers.

& Out

Collisions don’t only happen inside the workplace. Birds can fly into windows, damaging the glass and harming the bird. In fact, it’s estimated that between 100 million and a billion birds die in the US each year after running into windows. Birds often fly into windows because it reflects the sky, or they see their reflection thinking it’s another bird. Luckily, you can minimize damage while protecting the avian population with Bird Safety Film. This film is available in various subtle patterns that birds can see, minimizing harm to birds and your windows.

From break-ins and hurricanes to workplace collisions, there are many different ways our window film products can help your prepare your space. No matter what your end goal is, during National Preparedness Month, consider preparing your space with window film.

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