Types of Window Film

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Solar window films are designed to increase occupant comfort and improve energy efficiency by rejecting solar heat, blocking harmful UV rays, and reducing glare, all without sacrificing natural light. Click here to learn more about solar films. 

Security films help prepare and protect your space and its occupants against severe weather events, bomb blasts, attempted break-ins, and other unexpected events. Because of its tear-resistant properties, security window film helps to hold the glass in place in the event that it’s shattered, reducing the likelihood of damage and injury from flying shards of glass. Click here to explore our safety and security films. 

Decorative films can be used to enhance the aesthetics of your space and provide privacy without undergoing major renovations or updates. Available in a variety of textures, patterns, and opacities, decorative films allow for you to realize your design visions quickly and cost-effectively. Decorative films can be customized to promote your brand and products in your commercial space. Learn more about decorative films or browse our project gallery for inspiration

Additionally, bands of film called distraction markers can be applied to glass surfaces to promote safety and bring your space into compliance with current building code. Distraction markers display patterns, a company logo, or a band of frosted material on glass walls and windows to prevent people from colliding into the glass.